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Here's a glimpse of what i can bring to you. Designing and developing clean and functional User Experiences is my passion.

I would love to partner with you in designing and developing your next website, or application for your business! 

Meditation App (Design Prompt)

Prompt: Design an onboarding process for a meditation application.

Language Application (Design Prompt)

Prompt: Design an onboarding process for a language app. 

Case Study: Conceptual Mockup For Media Application


  • Expand Audience Reach: Increase the number of users engaging with our content.
  • Improve Accessibility: Provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for accessing publications and digital media.
  • Enhance User Engagement: Foster a deeper connection between our audience and our diverse range of content.

Research Phase:

To inform our design decisions, we conducted user interviews, surveys, and analyzed existing user feedback. The research phase unveiled insights into user preferences, pain points, and expectations, serving as a foundation for subsequent design iterations. The main feedback was accessibility. 

This project was scrapped due to budget and resources.

Via Appetites - website

Via Appetites is a small batch bakery dedicated to using the highest quality ingredients to make the most delicious treats. Working with Deena, the head baker, was a great opportunity to understand more about the company and desire for the website. This project was a Landing page to send customers for information about the business as well as a quick and easy way to get to their Shop. Deena allowed me to work freely, and with provided assets and inspiration she loved the site’s finished product. I loved telling the company’s story and Deena’s as well, through the layout of this site. 

Logo's and Design work

When it comes to logos and customer branding, I have had the opportunity to work with some clients on new logo designs and also variation logos. It’s been a lot of fun to work through the process of discovery, and what their end goals are for the logo. The style has also been something that suits their end goals as well, so not every logo will look like one particular style, but my layouts tend to have a similar flow to them. It has been a lot of fun to see these logos in the wild, and active online. 

Connally Consulting - web page & pop-ups

Connally Consulting is a leadership consulting business that is helping leaders and organizations improve their performance and success professionally, personally, spiritually, and physically. This client asked me to create a new landing page for video content as well as updating social media links, add pop-ups for content distribution, and create other marketing automation. This has been fun and challenging in the best way, continuing to help a business grow their reach and platform for new business. Helping a business be successful is something I love being a part of and seeing through to each part of their needs as they continue to grow and develop themselves. 


The STretch Co. - Web Page

The Stretch Co. is a local stretch therapy business that is a part of Battle Fitness and Nutrition. This webpage project was fun, simple, and brought about a great opportunity to work with a great client. Suzi had asked me to add a functional webpage to her already existing site, that allowed clients to book her services through a couple of clicks. With the addition of a button that hyperlinked to the scheduling service she was already using, I created a straight forward web design that looked great with her site. The challenge here was going through someone elses previous work and adapting to the style and coding they had used. I enjoyed the challenge and working on this design and functionality. 

Electron Havoc - Alternate Logo

Electron Havoc is a Nashville based Online Streamer that reached out asking for an alternate logo variation. After providing a desired outcome for this project I was able to design a more personal touch to the logo, using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. This was a great design project adding a mixture of Pop and Flat art styles giving a unique feel to the logo design. 

unplugged retreat - responsive website

This site concept was for a retreat business providing tech teams getaways and a rejuvenating opportunity and experience for the whole team. Developed off of a Photoshop PSD file with responsive coding.

Jubilee austen - portfolio site

This project was a completely hand-coded site with HTML 5 and CSS. It delivers the client a clean portfolio site that has the potential to add more pages if they would like to expand at all. The look is clean and modern, providing an engaging website to any potential clients or employers.

recipe card collection

This was an HTML 5 and CSS exercise, that was an awesome opportunity to put some skills to the test. The look and layout of this comp were fun and inspiring! The part I enjoy most about this collection of recipes is that they look just like a printed recipe card from a book. The layout and design of these cards are simple enough, providing easy laid out steps.